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Bhatkanti: Naldurg Fort

Naldurg Fort is situated at Naldurg, about 40 km east of Solapur, in Osmanabad District, Maharashtra. This imposing structure contains some fabulous examples of early Indo-Islamic architecture. Naldurg Fort is an architectural marvel and the ‘Pani Mahal’, constructed below water, attracts tourists and researchers alike.

The interior portion of the fort is enclosed within ruined walls. There are many bastions in the fort. The Upli Buruj is the highest point in the fort. There are several buildings in the fort which are now in ruins. The dam constructed across the Boru River which connects the fort and the Ranamandala, is worth visiting. The dam and the Pani Mahal were constructed during the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah II.

The nearest airport is at Pune. Solapur Junction Railway Station is the nearest access point.

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