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Bhatkanti - Kenjalgad Fort

This fort lies on the same ridge that joins up with RAIRESHWAR. There is a huge tunnel-cum-cave near the top with an excellent view. The top is bounded by a cliff 60 meters high.

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Grade :- Medium
Height :- 4273 feet
Getting here:-
Reach PUNE bus stand, catch a bus to TITEGHAR or KORLE or AMBAVDE.
The route leads up to MACHI (5 Kms) where a good shelter is available.
The top is reached via a broad rock staircase. Reach the huge tunnel-cum-cave near the top.
Descend to MACHI to ASRE village and proceed to WAI.
Text Contents from: http://www.geocities.com/marioarland/Pune/kenjalgad.htm

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