Pune Bhatkanti

Pune Bhatkanti - Pune, Forts, Trekking

Summer Camp!


Pune, Maharashtra
Zipcode :411007
Phone :91 20 66528000

Start Date
17 April, 2009 (Friday) 09:00 AM

End Date
20 April, 2009 (Monday) 05:00 PM

Take a plunge into the summer vacations with an Eco-Adventure & Educational Summer Camp for students; comprising Adventure Activities, Interactive Learning & Self Development Sessions, Freak-out Activities & Fun-filled Team Games.

Age group: 13 – 18 years.

For details: Visit www.coi.co.in or contact Mr. Nitin – 9422323274/9822330495/9881235671

Event id: 14193
Permanent link: http://www.EventsInIndia.com/events/14193-summer-camp

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