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Bhatkanti: Torna Fort

One of the popular forts for the trekkers. This was the fort won by Shivaji Maharaj. He found a pot containing gold coins, which he later used for building Rajgad. Torana is called as 'Prachandagad' because of its size. The fort is very huge and wide spread. Its height is 1400 mtrs.

One can see the temple of 'Toranaji' and 'toraneshwar' near 'Kothi' door on the fort , but the main temple on the fort is of 'Devi Mengai'. One can have a good view of 'Rajgad' form the front of the temple. The temple is very old.

There are two machis on the fort - 'Zunjar Machi' and 'Budhala machi'. Also you can see 'Hanuman Buruj' , 'Bhel Buruj' , 'Takmak Buruj' and 'Konkan Darwaja' etc. There are many forts one can see from Torana like Rajgad, Raigad, Lingana, Sinhagad and Pratapgad etc.

Thus, Torana is one of the most important and different forts in Maharashtra. The fort is a great task to climb and really enjoyable for the trekkers.

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