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Bhatkanti: Purandar Fort

Purandar is located on a hill 1374 meters high at 18 0 16' north, latitude and 74 0 02' east longitude. It lies 31 kilometers south of pune. Purandar was an exceedingly strong fort. It had two levels. Half way up the hill there is a relatively flat ground or m ach i. The northern end of this part was defended by a rampart studded with numerous bastion. From here a steep ascent took one to the lower level of the fort through the Dilli Darwaza. From here a narrow path, flanked by looped walls, led to the kand kada a huge bastion on the eastern most side of purandar. One can get a very good view of the satellite fort of Vajragad and the Bhima valley below. Steps, flanked by walls finally takes one to the upper level through the Ganesh Darwaza.

On the highest part of the fort stands the ancient Mahadev temple, known now as the kedareshwar temple. Today a metal road leads from Saswad town, the base of the hill and then upwards to the lower level of the fort. There are no facilities at Purandar for an overnight stay, but hotels at Saved, just 10 kilometers away provide fairly good accommodation and visiting purandar does not take more than a day.

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