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Bhatkanti: Sarasgad

Sarasgad is close to Pali, one of the places in Ashtavinayak yatra. I had been to this pace a couple of times since it was so much fun. We had to catch the first train from Diva which is a Diva-Panvel-Rohe passenger. We got down at Nagothane and took a bus to Pali (other option was the "dukkar rikshaw") Sarasgad can be identified by its four pinnacles. There are two ways to climb, one near the MSEB office and other near the temple. For climbing up the route near MSEB office was best for us since the other route had huge rock patches which are oriented such that climbing down is easy from there. Sarasgad has a excellent cave where 100 people can stay at a time. It has plenty of water supply (we went in monsoon). It has a shiva temple on the top and gives u a excellent 360 degrees view of all the mountain ranges surrounding this area.

This trek can be coupled with Sudhagad which then requires a night's stay at Pali. While coming back we went to Khopoli and took a local train to come back.

Height :
Ideal for : Beginners
Ideal Time : October to June
Water Supply : Plenty
Cave : Can accomodate 100 people

The two pictures are of Gaurang sitting on the Sarasgad pinnacle and me with my friend in front of the Sarasgad Pinnacles.

Text from Adwaitjoshi.com

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