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Bhatkanti: Bhandara - Dehu

Bhandara falls on Nashik-Pune Highway. 7-8 Km away from highway towards west. A bus that goes via Chakan,Shive also can take you to Bhandara. While going from Dehu, once the bridge on the river Indrayani is crossed, on the left falls Bhandara or Bhamchandra.

The spiritual gems of Maharashtra Sant Dnynaneshwar and Sant Tukaram resided around the vicinity of Pune. The area was Alandi and Dehu that later became a pious place worth visiting. Sant Tukaram always loved silence and was always in search of the same. The place he liked the most was Bhandara. Today one can easily see glimpses of the Bhandara hills from Dehu - a formal place of residence of Tukaram.

A tar road also has been built today. Even today one can observed the beauty of Bhandara. The Bhamchandra caves were of utmost pleasure of tukaram. One is enchanted by the beauty of the cave, the Mahadev temple. The cave is big enough to accommodate 10-15 persons at a time. The only suggestion any sensible lover of this place would give to the aspiring tourists will be not to carry any gazette producing noise.

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