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The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, spanning a 95 km (49 mile) distance between the outskirts of the twin cities of Mumbai and Pune, is India's first controlled-access toll road. The project was completed under the stewardship of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). The first sections opened in 2000, and the entire route was completed by 2002. The new route cuts the time taken to travel between the two cities to approximately 2 hours, and for most practical purposes, has replaced the older Mumbai-Pune National Highway (NH4), which had become extremely congested and accident-prone. The expressway winds itself through the passes between the ranges of the Sahyadri hills, with picturesque scenery on either side.

The expressway has six concrete lanes on 2 carriageways, with a central divider, and a wide shoulder on either side. The maximum speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). There are several major tunnels on the route (at Bhatan, Madap, Kāmshet, Khandālā and Ādoshi), with a separate tunnel for each direction. The expressway is fenced the entire way to prevent animals from entering the roadway.

Toll is collected at Kalamboli (on the Mumbai side) and Dehu Road (on the Pune side), with rates ranging from Rs. 118 for private cars, to Rs. 680 for multi-axle trailer trucks. Two- and three-wheelers, and tractor vehicles are prohibited from plying on the expressway.

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