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Bhatkanti: Bedsa Caves

10 miles South of Karle close to the Kamshet Railway Station is this interior village called Bedsa next to which the New Pune Bombay Express highway is being constructed with the cave located on a stiff hill. Though smaller in size the shrine is very attractive. With breath taking scenery one cannot help but appreciate the spot chosen by Buddhist monks.

With a huge chaitya and one big vihara, there are also numerous small resting chambers or cells for monks that were chiseled out here.

The ornamentation on the façade is made up of miniature rails and repetition of window fronts or facades with a number of water cisterns in front of the Chaitya with one of the inscriptions belonging to Mandavi princess Samadinaka who got this facility made for monks and Buddhist devotees.

The Vihara has 9 cells and couple of side cells. In one of the larger cells is a non-Buddhist deity Yamai that is worshipped by the Kolis. Below in the village under a tree is the Tandula stone of Bedsai. A palki (palanquin) from this village every year goes up to Yamai's shrine and then to Vaghoba (deity of the pass) up the hill.

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