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Bhatkanti - Rajgad !

About 85 kms from Pune, this fort has great historical relevance, as it was Shivaji's favourite fort. Practically speaking, a two hour bus drive to Wazheghar, Bhutonda or Pali. Any of these options will take you right to the foothills of this legendary fort. Accomplished in a matter of four years, 80 kms from the hill station of Mahabaleshwar, the remains of this fort give a glimpse of the majesty of Shivaji's first mountain capital. For those with the adventurous streak, take the trek through the chor darwaza, otherwise the easier route through Pali which while being a cakewalk is a longer one.

The temple atop the Padmavati machi offers a good place to stay! Rajgadh, with its treacherous approaches, zig zag narrow paths and the deceptive double-walled armour of its ramparts, and also the massive pali gate, nedhe or elephant's eye still exists. But Shivaji had to give this up because of its narrow summit to move onto Raigadh!

The view from the top offers a magnificent view of the Sahyadri range.

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  1. hi,
    One word only.
    Forts are not picnic spot. they are shivateertha(temple ) for us.

  2. Agreed. That is why we call the journey as TREK and not a picnic.



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