Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chakan Fort - Sangramdurga - Near Pune

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Chakan boasts the Sangram Durga or Bhueekot Killa, which was once the domain of Chhatrapati Shivaji. The fort is built on level ground and surrounded by the fortified walls and turrets. It differs from most Indian forts which were traditionally built on hilly, elevated land. The fort was the site of an epic 54 days of stiff resistance by the Maratha general Firangoji Narsala against Mughal Sardar Shahistekhan. The fort withstood heavy Mughal attacks until the Mughals breached the walls using high explosives. The following attack on the fort was repulsed by the Marathas. But short on supplies, Firangoji counter attacked and cut his way deep in to the Mughal encampment where he was finally subdued and captured

The Chakreshwar temple is another site of importance. Legend has it that it is the site where King Dasharatha was battling a Rakshasa (Demon King), when the wheel of his ratha (chariot) was stuck in mud near the pond of Chakreshwar. When his wife Kaikeyi helped get the wheel unstuck, Dasharatha granted her three wishes, that eventually led to the exile of Rama and the subsequent events of the epic Ramayana.
In May, Chakan celebrates a major festival called Khandobacha Urs. - Wiki


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